DINES takes part in the creation of Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

DINES Surfaces d’Exception had the privilege to furnish Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris with beige woven wool carpet Rachel - selected by NC Agency, Nathalie Crinière -, in the context of public opening of the design studio, the key place of the French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.


« The room contrasts with the sumptuous lounges, so that it ideally matches the working atmosphere desired by Yves Saint Laurent. A quiet, bright and large space… »


DINES Savoir-Faire makes the main spaces unique: the Wilton weaving loom carpet that can be found in the fashion-house lounges, the entrance hall and the bookshop - identical reproduction of the original pattern - has been fabricated and carpeted by DINES.


Architecture: Jean-Michel Rousseau, Architect DPLG.

Scenography: NC Agency, Nathalie Crinière.

Decoration: Cabinet Jacques Grange.


Photos : ©Dines ©Julie Arrachart ©Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris ©DR ©Luc Castel

Text inspired by the exhibition booklet of  Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris