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Dines’ collections are innovative, exclusive, very high quality and manufactured with respect of environment and people.


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Dines’ rugs allow infinity of combinations. Custom made and using materials like cotton, silk, wool, linen, etc… those rugs are developed for the most sophisticated projects taking into account the wishes of the customer. With an endless choice of colors and multiple finishing arts (hand knotted, woven, tufted, in loop pile, cut pile …) each rugs becomes an exceptional and unique creation.


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The majority of materials and proposed finishings for rugs are also available for broadloom carpets.


Whatever quantity or constraints are, Dines devotes all necessary means to satisfy the most singular demand.

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Wallcoverings & Fabrics


Dines propose also innovative, creative and dramatic wall covering. The most beautiful materials like « porcelain », leather, golden leaves or glass marbles are worked by Dines and its partners in order to embellish walls and pieces of furniture. All those textures can be combined without ends.


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Exceptional Wooden floors


Entirely custom manufactured, Dines’ parquets are custom-made taking into account all requirements in terms of wood type, size, finishing as well as design. All technics and aspects are Dines’ skills.


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